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Stowell Crayk, PLLC is a premier law firm with locations in Salt Lake and Vernal, Utah. We are a client oriented firm providing high quality representation at a reasonable cost. We depend upon referrals for our growing practice and believe sound advice and open communication are key in earning your trust. Nosotros hablamos español.

Stowell Crayk
Stowell Crayk


An arrest and prosecution in the state of Utah, if not properly defended, can have serious consequences and permanent effects on your life. When you or your loved ones are accused of crime in Utah, you need a good Utah defense lawyer who can act quickly to protect your LIFE, your LIBERTY, your RIGHTS, and your REPUTATION.
If you are arrested Utah or are concerned that you may be prosecuted, you need to speak to a good Utah defense lawyer. The lawyers at Stowell Crayk have worked in the criminal system for over 20 years and have successfully defended simple DUI cases to murder charges.
Our criminal defense lawyers know the system and understand the court process. We are exceptional litigators and bring the full story to light in front of juries. We know most of the criminal prosecutors and defense attorneys in the state, and the judges know and respect us. 
Our lawyers are experienced and affordable. Located in South Salt Lake City, Utah, we serve all of Northern Utah, Central Utah, and Southern Utah. We know and understand the Utah Criminal Justice Court System.
Crimes We Defend
FELONIES are more serious crimes that are subject to large fines, costs, other court imposed sanctions, and with a high possibility of incarceration in the county jail or state prison for more than one year. For example, possession of cocaine, carrying concealed weapon, and certain driving while under the influence (aka DUI) and retail fraud offenses are felonies. If you are facing felony charges in Utah, your sentence is determined by many factors including the Utah sentencing guidelines and your prior criminal record.
MISDEMEANORS include crimes that are subject to fines, costs, other court imposed sanctions, and possible incarceration in the county jail for less than one year. Prior misdemeanors are sometimes used by prosecutors to elevate a current misdemeanor charge to a felony. For example, possession of marijuana and certain drunk driving (DUI) and retail fraud offenses are misdemeanors.
JUVENILE OFFENSES involve children who are involved in the court system. Juvenile court is separate from adult court and the cases are heard before Referees and Judges.
ORDINANCE VIOLATIONS are violations of city law, not state law. There are different types of city ordinance violations. Most city ordinance violations, known as civil infractions, are not criminal and carry no possibility of jail time. However, some city ordinance violations are misdemeanors and do carry the possibility of jail time. The court may impose fines, costs, and other court imposed sanctions.
PROBATION VIOLATIONS If you miscommunicate with your probation officer, commit another crime, or don’t show up for a probation hearing; a judge may order your probation revoked. If this occurs, you may have to serve time.
TRAFFIC CITATIONS are civil infractions. Traffic citations carry no possibility of jail time but may have severe consequences on your driving record and increase your car insurance rates for many years. Some traffic violations, for example, Drunk Driving (DUI) and Driving While License Suspended, may result in a jail sentence.
WHITE COLLAR CRIME is usually a crime committed at a business, such as fraud.  
Commonly Asked Question (FAQ)
1. I have been arrested, do I need a lawyer?
 Yes. Call us immediately. If your loved one has been arrested, you may also call us to start the process.
2. I am being investigated by the police, FBI, etc., do I need a lawyer?
Yes. This is serious. Call us immediately.
3. I am afraid to talk about my case on the phone, what should I do?
Call (801) 944-3459 to set up a confidential office meeting.
4. I have received a grand jury subpoena to testify, do I need a lawyer?
Yes. This is serious. Call us immediately. If you have been called to testify in any case and you are worried you could incriminate yourself, you don’t want to testify, or you are nervous for any reason; you definitely need to call us.
5. I have been charged with a misdemeanor, do I need a lawyer?
Usually. If you are nervous, scared, or have a lot to lose, you need our services! 
6. Are you qualified to represent my case?
Yes. We have over 100+ years of combined experience in criminal defense. Our attorneys collaborate and work together on every case. Every weekday we go to court and argue cases in front of judges. Weekly we are in front of a jury. We are so qualified, we are certified to represent in murder trials. No case is too big or too small.
7. Have you tried a case similar to mine before?
Probably, we have tried thousands of cases. Sometimes, there is a new twist, but we have been around long enough to hear it all and we know how to properly defend your case. Call us and let’s talk.
8. Can my criminal record be expunged or sealed?
Yes, in certain circumstances. We handle cases like this all the time. We can usually tell you in your first consultation if your case can be expunged.
9. Have you represented outside of Salt Lake City Courts?
Yes. The majority of our representation in Utah is in the Salt Lake City 3rd District Court. But we represent cases weekly in other counties. We have also have an office in Vernal.
10. What type of people do you normally represent?
Our office represents males and females of all races, nationalities, religions, abilities, and sexual orientation without discrimination.
11. What are your fees?
Fees are based on a number factors including anticipated time involved in your defense/investigation, seriousness of the charged offense and complexity of the potential trial issues. We can usually give you a good estimate during your first consultation.
12. Where is your office located?
Our Salt Lake Office is centrally located in Salt Lake City. A street map and address is located here. 
13. Do you accept major credit cards?
Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
14. Are you currently accepting pro-bono cases?